Pattaya International Church
Sunday Service: 10:30 AM
Welcome To Pattaya International Church
Pattaya International Church (PIC) is situated in the city of Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. The Church was planted in 1987 by Jack and Glad Martin, Southern Baptist Missionaries from the USA, making it the oldest Protestant English-language Congregation in Pattaya.
Since 2002 PIC is pastored by Daniel Krynauw. Daniel and Marina Krynauw are from Cape Town, South Africa, and have been serving in Pattaya as full-time missionaries to Thailand since 1995. Their son, Daniel, is a Social Worker in Queensland, Australia.
Apart from their pastoral duties at PIC the Krynauwís simultaneously continue their day to day missionary work amongst Thai-people, conducted via a variety of missionary ministries that operates under the auspices of PIC. As such PIC is continuously strongly focused on bringing the Gospel of Christ, in word and in deed, to those who do not know Him, Thai and foreigner alike. PIC therefore offers numerous outreach-opportunities to those attending the Church, placing emphasis on the fact that involvement with such activities is entirely voluntary and in obedience to Divine Calling in the individual believerís life.
PIC is best described as a multi-denominational, international Church, embracing, practicing and promoting conservative, Bible centered Christian doctrine and values. Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first for His honor and glory, and for the expansion of His Kingdom is our highest aim and purpose which we endeavor to accomplish under the guidance and power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.
PICís attendance covers a wide spectrum of church denominations. In view of the fact that our prime focus is constantly and unchangeably Godís glory, denominational differences simply fade away into the far distant background from whence it is never recalled in our midst. Therefore, irrespective of whatever denominational background one comes from, finding a spiritual-home within the fold of Pattaya International Church, with ample opportunity to serve and proclaim Christ in practical fashion, is not a difficult endeavor at all!