Pattaya International Church
PICís Sunday-morning service begins at 10.30am. It is an English language service with no translation into other languages. The service begins with Bible reading and prayer, followed by a time of praise and worship during which the steadfast focus is thanking and praising our triune God. As the holiness of God is continuously of paramount importance throughout all facets of the entire service, our praise and worship style also thoroughly conforms to such divinely ordained purpose. Though our music-style is orderly, serene and moderate, the underlining current of abundant joy is quite obvious. Directly after praise and worship the sermon commences. In essence Pastor Danielís Bible-centered preaching places strong emphasis firstly on God, and thereafter His childrenís duty to serve Him whole-heartedly while continuously being conformed into the image and likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ.
During the sermon Pastor Danielís spouse, Marina, conducts a Sunday School for children in the pre-school age group. PICís aim with the childrenís Sunday School is to teach the young ones attending it to live out their faith in a practical way - to love God and His Word, to love His Church and their neighbor. All the lessons are taught in a loving-and caring environment with the help of puppets and handcraft activities. After every class every child has a completed craft to take home, enabling them to remember the lesson and to show the parents what their children have been learning. Due to the fact that PIC does not have a separate motherís room, Mothers with little ones who are still too young to participate in these classes are most welcome to attend the Sunday School as well. Furthermore, there is a separate Bible Study class for pre-teens taught at the same time.
PIC also has a Young Adults ministry where our young adult members-and visitors can join in a variety of Outreach opportunities, get-togethers and discussions, as well as informal outings. Herewith the link to their blog:†
PIC celebrates the Lordís Supper on the first Sunday of every month, directly after the sermon. It is an open Communion where all who confess Christ Jesus to be their only Lord and Savior are welcome to attend under His direction.
PIC has a weekly Bible Study (also at Church) on Thursdays, 7pm.
Regarding PICís finances, we believe that giving is a personal matter between the giver and the Lord, and as such we leave this matter entirely in His Hands without undue interference. An offering is taken-up directly after the praise and worship segment of our Sunday-service. Apart from providing funds for PICís monthly rent, utilities and maintenance, all PIC offerings are used solely for our Churchí practical involvement in the spreading of the Gospel throughout Pattaya and also on Koh SiChang Island where we have a Thai Church. PICís pastor and his wife are non-salaried ďin faithĒ missionaries receiving sponsorship and donations for their daily subsistence.
Young Adults