Pattaya International Church
Pattaya International Church is attended by folks coming from a wide variety of worldwide countries and church denominations. A substantial percentage of those attending PIC are expatriate-families who are on temporary work-contracts in Thailand. With the ongoing commencement and ending of such work-contracts PICís overall attendance may fluctuate considerably with foreigners who are either settling-in or departing from Pattaya.
Due to the temporal nature that is therefore unavoidably attached to PICís attendance our Church regulations related to the issue of membership are subsequently more flexible than Churches on the home-front. To consider oneself a member of PIC it is not necessary to relinquish and/or transfer oneís Church-membership in your country of origin simply because most folks will eventually return to these home-front churches.
At PIC membership per se therefore does not actually exist. However, when the following basic criteria are satisfied and maintained anyone attending PIC can consider him/herself  a member of the Church: (1) A verifiable salvation-testimony. (2) A day to day purposeful and intentional striving to live a God-glorifying life well within the boundaries set by Godís Word. (3) An open and unhesitant rejection of all that is in contradiction with Scripture and sound Biblical doctrine. (4) Faithful and loyal attendance to, and support of Pattaya International Church.
Furthermore, anyone attending PIC is encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, concerns, needs (etc) with regards to the Church and its activities.
We warmly welcome, without reservations, all at PIC, believer and unbeliever alike. Nevertheless, when anyone refers to him/herself as a believer (i.e. as a Christian brother or sister), we apply without exception the Scriptural principle of such ones being held to a higher standard: 1 Corinthians 5 v. 11 Ė 13.
In this regard one needs to prayerfully and carefully consider the undeniable reality that especially here in the City of Pattaya, where living a God-glorifying life amidst the overwhelming surrounding spiritual darkness is of paramount importance, no Christian can afford to lose his/her saltiness by compromising-and tainting his/her testimony with a lifestyle that does not reflect and uphold Christian values and morality.