Pattaya International Church
The reality we face here in Thailand is that the vast majority of all Thai people will in all probability never leave the shores of this precious nation. The Word of God must therefore be presented to them here on Thai soil. Furthermore, less than 1% of the total Thai population can presently be classified as Christian. At PIC we believe that every Christian has equal part in our Lordís Matthew 28 v. 18 - 20 Command. Therefore, in constant pursuit of PICís goal to make Christ known to those who do not know Him we endeavor to reach-out with the Gospel to Thais and foreigners alike. We are serving the Lord with our Thai Congregation in Pattaya, RomPraPon Church ("Umbrella of God's blessing") who shares, without cost, all the facilities at PIC. This holy endeavor aims at strengthening our Thai Brothers and Sisters in their walk with the Lord and to equip them in their service unto Him, reaching out together with them for the expansion of His Kingdom amongst the Thai community.
One of the principles to which PICís outreach efforts adhere is the equipping of the local Thai Christian for the purpose of preparing him/her to reach his/her non-Christian fellow country-men. In 2005 we started with Church planting on Koh SiChang Island, with the first service at Koh SiChang Island Church held on 26 March 2006. PIC assists this Church in many ways, both spiritual and material. Pastor Daniel preaches occasionally on the island, also conducting Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings there. Marina is involved with the Children's Ministry there, holding activities for the island's children at Church and providing the Church with handcraft materials and lessons. PIC and Koh SiChang Church reaches out together to this island's community, spiritually and materially, in a challenging environment where unemployment and its associated ills prevail. We praise the Lord for the fruit forthcoming from this work
Another branch of our Thai Ministries involves free English language and handcraft classes at a large local Thai School in Pattaya. Of vital importance to any outreach effort is the establishment and nurturing of healthy relationships with the local Thai community.
We recently launched our own material for Thai children from the ages of 7 upwards in the form of two interactive Sunday School Workbooks. Thai Churches and ministries are welcome to request these books in printed format free of charge or download it themselves at these two links below: